The reason why there’s a missing MRT station between Yew Tee and Kranji

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If you look at the MRT Northsouth line (the one in red), you’ll notice something very interesting: After NS5 that is Yew Tee MRT Station, it’ll skip directly to NS7, which is Kranji MRT Station.

And if you’ve taken this line before, you’ll know how long the travel time between these two stations is: it’s at a whopping five minutes, while the travel time between two stations is usually two to four minutes.


Anyone living near there would know that between Yew Tee MRT Station and Kranji MRT Station comprises merely heavy industrial estates—primarily those near Sungei Kadut, whereby it houses large factories and whatnot.

And of course, our office is also located near that area, stuck between many large factories and dormitories and so damn inaccessible that rental is relatively low and fast-food restaurants won’t deliver unless we order a minimum amount (you know, like Tuas?).

Well, here’s the revelation: a Sungei Kadut MRT Station was apparently planned between these two stations. It has been done for a while, and considering how old the NS Line is, you can see how long this plan has been shelved off.

According to several sources, it turned out that during the development of the line, Sungei Kadut was then omitted from the plan and it would be built if the population there requires it.

But there’s no “population” there because it comprises mainly factories, factories and more factories.

Of course, it’ll be nice if there’s a station there for the people working here, but with each factory taking a bulk of space, one would definitely still need to take a bus to get to any factory.

If so, why not just take it from Kranji MRT Station, whereby it’s also a “hub” for us to get to JB? In other words, we project there won’t be any station there in the near future.


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