The Romance Of Pierre Png & Andrea De Cruz Could Be The Most Romantic Real-Life Story Ever

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We all thought that the romance and amazing love stories we see on Korean dramas will remain just that, fictional and imaginary, but Pierre Png and Andrea De Cruz, our beloved local celebrities and their love story will prove you wrong.

Back when Pierre Png first met Andrea De Cruz, she was leaving a salon with a new hairdo. He had noticed her, but didn’t do anything because he was in a relationship with another person.

Fast forward a few years later, and he bumped into her again at a play. This time, he screwed up his courage and took the plunge, and he managed to ask her out to supper. And things just moved smoothly from there.

Andrea De Cruz’s Near-death Experience

But things did not move smoothly at all, for in 2002, Andrea De Cruz suffered from liver failure after the entire Slim 10 saga, and Pierre Png, who was her fiancé then, donated part of his liver to her, saving her life. The entire incident cemented their relationship even further when they realized they were extremely compatible, and not just in “organs” sense.

Family and kids

Andrea De Cruz had wanted to be married and have kids by 28, but due to her health, was unable to do so. The couple had admitted that they get envious when they see other parents and their children.

Back in an interview in 2014 at a Lux event where the lovebirds were at to unveil its latest collection, Andrea De Cruz mentioned that statistics have shown that her body might reject the liver after 20 years, and it’s been 13 years.

She did not want to have a kid and let Pierre Png raise the child alone if her body really rejected the liver after seven years. Her husband, Pierre Png, said, “Just seeing a smile on Andrea’s face, just knowing she’s alright and safe makes me very happy”

They learnt to take things as they come and to be prepared for when things do not go according to plan. They learnt to seize the moment and get very impromptu about things, setting out to do activities spontaneously instead of planning to do it in the future.

Advice from Andrea De Cruz

When quizzed about how they kept their marriage going strong, Pierre Png said that the tip is to keep the marriage fresh and sacred. The couple mentioned that their way of keeping the spark alive was to be impromptu about things and injecting spontaneity into their lives instead of planning for it.

“Because really, life is short, we all know that. Anything could happen tomorrow.” – Andrea De Cruz.

Now, isn’t that one of the sweetest romance story you’ve ever heard, complete with love, sacrifice, and happiness?

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