The Sad Reason Why You Seldom See Ping-Pong Tables in HDB Void Decks Anymore


Do you remember seeing blue ping-pong tables available for use at your void deck in the past? Do you remember playing a game of ping-pong or two with your neighbourhood friends?

The ping-pong tables were initially provided as amenities back in the 1980s for the residents to gather and participate in recreational activities. This was back when Singaporeans still have the ‘kampong’ spirit and were more tightly knitted communities than today.

Today, if you wanted to have a game of ping-pong, there’s less ping-pong tables available at the void decks and you have to make your way to the nearest stadium or sports complex to use their tables in the sports hall.

Why do you think these ping-pong tables are seldom seen anymore?

We think that this is due to a myriad of reasons.

One reason could be the shrinking spaces of void decks in HDB today, which explains why a large object like a ping-pong table is not feasible to be placed at the void deck. In addition, public amenities like these tables faced the problem of vandalism, and the upkeep for the maintenance of such tables might not be cost-effective, after all if I have ping-pong tables in a sports hall, these can be kept locked up at night to prevent such things from happening.

Another reason could be that it is no longer a sport that many people plays. Many would rather go for a game of basketball or soccer if they are in the mood for some physical recreation activities.

But the saddest reason behind the disappearances of these ping-pong tables could be the weakening of the kampong spirit coupled with the fact that kids today are participating lesser in physical recreational activities, choosing instead to engross themselves in PC, mobile and console games. And if they really want to play ping-pong, they might just go for any tennis app they can download in app stores.


So what do you think?

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