The scene you think is the most miserable will reveal your current personality

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Which scenario do you think looks the most miserable to you? Put yourself in their shoes and decide for yourself which one seems the most pathetic to you.


Have you decided? The scene that you choose will reveal the deepest part of your personality that even you, yourself, probably hasn’t known.

Take a look at the results below and see if they’re as true for you as they were for us!

Two people trapped in an elevator.


You have a bit of an inferiority complex, and although you’re usually logical and able to tell right from wrong, once emotions comes into the equation, you’ll become a total mess.

In romance, you and your partner will be happy as long as both behave and no one cheats. Once a third party enters the picture, you’ll find that you’ll panic and ruin everything.

You are alone in a deserted village.


You enjoy thinking back on fond memories and you’re easily influenced by your environment. If you’ve read haters’ comments on the net, chances are you’ll start hating on whatever they’re hating as well.

In romance, you’ll find that you’re a walking contradiction. Sometimes, you just want to be alone but sometimes, you want someone by your side to share in the good and bad staff with you.

Pollution in a big city.


You’re practically a politician because you’re able to make a distinct difference between right and wrong. At the same time, you’re also very decisive, able to make hard decisions that only a few others are able to make. But when it comes to romance, you become the opposite, growing incredibly indecisive and contradictory in thinking as well.

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Natural disasters.


You’re ambitious and creative. You’re aware of what’s going on around you and you’re concerned about their implications on you as well. People won’t dare to mix with you because you’ve got a pretty bad temper. In romance, you’re someone that a lot of people wants to get with.

Source: quizbox


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