The Secret to Decreasing Whatsapp Call Data Usage

When Whatsapp announced that there will be a rollout of a call function within WhatsApp, many were looking forward to it. After all, Whatsapp messenger is one of the more widely used application worldwide and having data call capability adds to your user experience.

Data calls are something that many people like, simply because it’s cheaper to use when your free minutes is up or you need to call overseas.

But one problem with data calls is that it consumes too much data and this is something extremely unacceptable for us Singaporeans, most of whom have only 2GB worth of data to use each month.

According to Android Authority, Whatsapp voice call function consumes the higher amount of data when they tested 10 free voice call apps. They placed 3 separate calls using the same app for one minute and averaged the data consumed, and Whatsapp emerged as the second highest behind Skype, consuming 740.6KB data per minute.

However, for frequent Whatsapp callers, don’t be disheartened, because there might be a new function in Whatsapp settings coming your way soon (if you’re on any systems other than iOs).

So what ways do you know of to decrease data calling usage? WiFi is one such way since data consumption will not be charged to your data plan, but that requires you to be in connection with a WiFi network all the time, which is frankly not really feasible if you are outside most of the time.

Well, you’d be glad to know that Whatsapp has rolled out a new function in their settings which allow you to activate ‘Low Data Usage’ under call settings. The description “Enabling this option further lowers the amount of Cellular or WiFi data used during a VoIP call” certainly sounds promising.

So people who use Whatsapp calling, do remember to select this option before placing any more calls via Whatsapp in the future; your wallet might just thank you for it.


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