The size of your mouth reveals how you behave towards your boyfriend in a relationship

Ladies, we have lots of articles on what you own, what your pets are, and even how you walk tells others about how you are like a person, but when we came across this, we couldn’t resist sharing this with you.

In this article we came across from, they showed how the size of your mouth reveal how you behave in a relationship, whether you have a wide mouth (like Shu Qi) or narrow mouth. Read on below and see if they are accurate about you!

Wide mouth


You wear the pants in the relationship and you’re the one that’s making most of the decisions that matter. You’re outspoken, cheerful and positive and you’re not afraid to take the lead and display that awesome maternal ‘feel’ that makes your boyfriend feel secure and protected. In fact, it won’t be too far off to say that you’re usually in a 姐弟恋 because you love being dominant and taking care of your guy.

Narrow mouth


The complete opposite of a ‘wide mouth’ girl, you’re passive and comfortable in letting your guy take the lead. You prefer to be on the safe side and pay attention to your boyfriend almost obsessively.

You want to be the one feeling secured and protected and often go for mature and older guys who can provide that sense of security you want. So, do you agree or do you agree to disagree?

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