The spooky, dark history of East Coast Park’s Bedok Jetty

If you’ve been to East Coast Park before, you’ll be familiar with a jetty, more commonly known as Bedok Jetty.

Regular joggers of East Coast Park would usually use that as a milestone to gauge the distance they’ve run, while some couples like to say sweet nothings at this romantic spot during the day.

Here, this is how it looks like for the uninitiated:


But beneath this beautiful jetty lies a dark story. According to some people, the location and structure of the jetty have intruded upon the privacy of the Spirits of the Sea, so people who misuse it will suffer some misfortune.

The story is that a while back, there were a group of boys playing around the jetty at around 3 a.m. or 4 a.m. They were dancing and fooling around, playing loud songs with their radio. There were a few people who were then fishing around the area, and it was obvious that the boys were disturbing the peaceful environment there.

All of a sudden, one of the boys just slipped over the fence and fell into the sea—and no one was aware of that until he was over the fence.

What was spooky was that before the fall, there was no yell whatsoever. No one knew why he had fallen over. And what was even scarier was that once he slipped over the fence, there was no more sound.

It was all quiet—no one heard him falling into the water, no one heard him shouting for help and no one could hear him in the water. He just, literally, disappeared after falling over the fence. People had said that it was due to the boys disturbing the spirits that lead to this.

This is why it is often recommended that during the night, one should not do anything to “disturb” the spirits there.

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