The spooky, deadly experience next to Old Changi Hospital

It was the end of A Levels, and a few friends from the same class decided to have a party – a 2D1N chalet – to celebrate the end of exams. It was also the last time that we can gather together before the end of the school year and before everyone gets busy going for overseas trips or temp jobs or staying at home getting fat.

We looked online for options of chalets to go for, and as many of us have budget constraints, we were drawn to opt for the cheapest available chalet available. We managed to find one that was really cheap, near Changi Village, and we thought it must be due to the ulu location of the chalet, which we didn’t really mind since a classmate’s parents will be fetching us to the location anyway.

We prepared all our games and food items, all geared up and excited for the 2 days of fun awaiting us, or so we thought. We met at the classmate’s house on a Saturday morning, and his parents drove us to the chalet. Upon reaching, we realized that the chalet was not only one of the few along the road leading up to Old Changi Hospital, it was THE one that was the closest to it. As it was only around noon, we didn’t think much of it and a look around the chalet apartment made us feel quite alright as it was pretty clean and spacious, with a living space and kitchen on the first floor and 3 rooms on the second floor to sleep in.


Our group of 10 got to work unpacking all our items — the guys started to set up the board games we brought along, while the girls set to prepare lunch for everyone to eat while we play. We joked that since we are so near to the Old Changi Hospital we should take a tour around it that night to see if there are really anything “unclean” in there.

We played till the night slowly dawned, and one by one we showered and prepared for the night, cleaning up the kitchen area as well to avoid having insects or cockroaches come looking for us at night. 6 of us still wanted to play Jenga — Richard was persistent on beating Alex at it — while the other 4 went upstairs to sleep, 2 to a room since there was space. In the middle of the Jenga game, Sara needed to use the washroom, so we took a break and paused our game. While chilling, we looked out the window to see a bright moon shining on the silhouette of the Old Changi Hospital. Richard sat up and asked “So guys, who’s up for a midnight tour? Haha don’t be such cowards I don’t even believe in ghosts”. “Nahhh let’s go tomorrow instead… by the way, where’s Sara?”

The lights in the living room flickered at that moment, and suddenly water sounds could be heard at the toilet outside the apartment, as if someone is taking a shower there. But… we had checked out that toilet in the day, and it was locked. It had been locked for the past year as the key had apparently went missing. The 4 girls who went up to sleep bolted down to the first floor upon hearing the water sounds, to check if we have heard it. Looking at our stern faces, they understood what it meant and fell silent as all came to squeeze with us on the couch, hoping that huddling together can ward off any spirits that might be loitering around.

I headed immediately to the toilet inside the apartment to check on Sara, as she was still not back yet, to find the lights on, but the toilet empty with no signs of Sara. “Hey guys, Sara is missing”


“She’s not in the toilet”

“OMG where could she be?? She didn’t leave the apartment we would have seen her leaving since we’re just by the door.”

“I. Don’t. Know, maybe upstairs?”

“But all of us came down from upstairs, and Sara wasn’t with us,” one of the girls Jenny exclaimed.

“We should just check. Sara couldn’t have disappeared just like that.”

“Guys,” Richard’s trembling voice suddenly sounded from behind, he was pointing to the kitchen. “Did you guys use any knives just now?” “No, why?” “When we came in this morning I remember seeing that the knife holder on the kitchen tabletop had 3 knives, there’s only 2 now.”

We directed all our lines of sight to where Richard was pointing, and true enough, with all our things still where we left them, a knife had gone missing.


The girls are now all clutching each other in fear, while everyone glancing at their backs repeatedly seemingly feeling a chill down their spine at the same time. All of us ran up to the second floor at once, desperate to find Sara and hoping against all odds that she had been playing a prank on us all these while.

We stuck together as we opened the doors to the 3 rooms one by one.

Room 1, empty.

Room 2…. Empty.

“We came out of Room 3 just now, I’m damn sure it’s empty”.

With heavy hearts we opened the third door….

Sara was asleep on the bed, lying on her side, under the thick covers.


“Sara!” Jenny leapt onto the bed and shook Sara. She opened her eyes. “thought you went to the toilet, why are you sleeping here? How did you come upstairs without any of us seeing?”

“I… can’t remember anything, I’m cold… very cold.”

Jenny flipped away the covers.

Sara was bleeding profusely with a knife stabbed into her abdomen.