The Story Behind The Haunted Matilda Singapore House In Punggol

The Matilda Singapore House is located in Punggol, where it stands by itself in the wildness. While it’s currently in ruins and abandoned, it used to be grand, with 6 bedrooms and two large staircases.

And yet it might be because of that same grandeur, that contributed to its reputation as one of the most haunted estates in Singapore.

Why Is The Matilda Singapore House Haunted?

Supposedly, evil spirits have occupied the estate, and would brutally murder anyone who even dares to step on the threshold. Skeptical? Don’t worry; I’m not done yet. A story goes that the Matilda Singapore House was actually set to be demolished, but when workers set about the process, three mysteriously died of unnatural causes. As a result, the demolition project was abandoned.

Curiously, there were accounts of a lady with long hair actually sitting atop nearby trees. While the sightings weren’t especially clear in the description, they all share a single similarity – she seems misty to your eyes, and her eyes seem to look through her long hair.

That’s not all; there were also cases where people claimed to visit the house. While I find it kind of doubtful (because the house has been equipped with CCTVs), their stories still send a chill down my spine.

Personal Experiences

One writer claimed that he saw a white figure floating up the stairs, and right into the house. He wasn’t exactly near either – he was on the expressway and had shot a glance at the Matilda Singapore House just then.

Another writer insisted that he infiltrated the House, and actually explored the place. As expected of a ruined house the estate was damp and dirty, but that wasn’t what caught my attention. According to him, he could hear noises when he was looking through a room, and when he was exiting the House he could swear someone forcibly pushed him out.

Is it true? Is it really haunted? I will leave the decision to you.

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