The two main reasons why Hello Kitty has no mouth

Well, maybe die-hard fans have long noticed and even can tell you a whole long grandmother tale on why the cartoon character has everything but a mouth. What about the rest of us who have never ever noticed or those who have but never did quite get a clue about it? Now, now, spend 2 minutes with me and you will find yourself with a new conversation starter.

Let’s just start with some urban legends first. Legend has it that the creation of Hello Kitty has to do with some sort of demonic tale and satanic worship… Now, that is creepy… Anyways, it was said a devoted mother had exchanged terms with the demon to save her ill daughter; the term was that she had to create a character to attract all children in order for the demon to gain worshippers. Are you one of them? So, the reason why the cat had no mouth was actually pretty straightforward, that the daughter had mouth cancer so the mother removed the mouth. Not so scary afterall? Just another tear jerking story.

Alright everyone, wipe off your tears and shake off your fear now, watch out for the true reason why the cat has no mouth but is still as talkative as ever. It has everything to do with psychological reasons. Ah I see, we’re now on the other end of the spectrum where logic triumphs, not myths. The whole truth is that the designers of Hello Kitty wanted to make the cat’s emotions ambiguous, in the way that when we are happy, the cat will look like it’s smiling and when we’re sad, the opposite will happen. Wow, I’m actually kind of impressed now. Have you ever noticed that before? I honestly have never realised such a deep meaning behind it.

Come to think of it, it is quite hard to survive in Singapore with no mouth. Hello Kitty will be going around with everyone staring at it and taking photos of it, then she’ll appear all over our newsfeed. Or, maybe she’ll be used as a symbol of peace and silence. If not, maybe to say that even with no tool of expression, Singaporeans who are ever full of comments and complains can still break the physical barrier and just talk nonsense…

Whatever it may be, now you can show off this newly gained knowledge at your next dinner getup.

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