The type of pets you keep actually reveal loads about your true personality

Several studies show that your choice of a pet companion does, indeed, reveal a lot about your personality.

“It’s not surprising that studies have found that a person’s choice of pets says something about their personality, ” says Doris Wild Helmering, a nationally recognized marriage and family counselor.

See what else your pet says about you:


The Dog Person
The most favorite pet of all time is definitely the dog. Having a pet dog suggests that you are a friendly person who likes talking to people. You are outspoken and don’t have any secrets or bias opinions. People like to be around you because you are sincere and loving. You don’t like to say anything to hurt other people’s feelings.


The Cat Person
You are neat, clean and tidy. You don’t like to be pushed around and you won’t do something just because you’re expected to. You don’t live by the rules–you prefer to make up your own instead. If you are interested in an issue, you will find out more about it because you want to, not because you have been told to.

Source: telegraph

The Fish Person
You are surely an observer. You notice the tiniest details that other people usually overlook. You are a thinker, a reasoned speaker, and a good listener as well. People enjoy your company.

Source: spanishdict

The Bird Person
You love nature and freedom. You find rules and regulations to be an utter waste of time. When you feel that you are being controlled, you will try to escape. On weekends, you prefer to travel rather than stay at home.

Source: what-do-turtles-eat

The Turtle Person
You revel in isolation. You follow a simple lifestyle, and are gentle and hard working. You don’t care much about what others have to say. Sometimes their comments hurt your feelings but you just ignore them and get on with your life.

Source: animalia-life

The Mouse Person
You tend to be gentle and modest. You pay attention to details and don’t like making even minor mistakes in your work. People who wear a ring on their little finger are also often workaholics.

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Source: aoao2.deviantart

The Rabbit Person
Your friends describe you as calm. Your favorite thing to do is just sleep and watch movies in your bed. You’re not an active person — you’d rather relax. Rabbit owners were the most likely to describe themselves as creative (56 per cent), laid back (31 per cent), scatterbrain (16 per cent), lone-ranger (13 per cent) and geek chic (13 per cent).

Source: dailybruin

The Reptiles Person
A British study found that owners of reptiles were the most independent of all pet owners, tending to need other people less than other pet owners. But they also scored lowest in humor.

Source: quizbox, newmax, m-magazine, dailymilk

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