The unsolved murder case in East Coast that gives rise to the paranormal encounters there


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Chances are that you would have heard of the Yellow Tower in East Coast, if not by passing by then by hearsay. If you’re not familiar with the tale of it, allow me to ‘enlighten’ you.

Years ago, a young couple was strolling in East Coast, and it’s believed that they were surrounded by a gang of thugs just when they were passing by the Yellow Tower. The male tried to protect his girlfriend, but was ultimately beaten unconscious. The girl pleaded for mercy, but the lustful assailants were ruthless. They gang-raped her until they were satisfied, before killing her off in brutal fashion.

Ever since then, screams of help were audible in the middle of the night. There were also sightings of an “apparition” hovering in the upper level of the tower, and there’s even an uploaded Youtube video supposedly “supporting” the claims.

But of course it’s all just “hearsay”, but it’s truly a different story when you hear a first-hand account from a friend.

According to her, she was on a date with her boyfriend when he wanted to check out the yellow tower. Being a believer of the Yellow Tower tale, she steadfastly refused before relenting when he insisted on having his way. They climbed the yellow tower, and while the guy was exploring every single nook and cranny her eyes were shut tight. She asked him to hurry up, and after a brief period of ignorance the guy reluctantly agreed, groaning that it was just another bullshit story cooked up to entertain the masses.

It was at that time that someone seemed to breathe into her ear. Annoyed and spooked, she pushed her boyfriend, chiding him for pulling such a childish prank.
“What?” he protested, and she realized. The breath had been directed at her left ear, while he had been at her right all along. And to make things worse, ‘someone’ breathed into her ear at that exact timing, and this time it was legible.



She didn’t care; she just pulled her bewildered boyfriend along as she sprinted hard, all the way back to the chalet they had ventured from.

Till this day she still believes that the voice was from the dead female victim, and her conjecture was that the victim had seen them as a potential re-happening of what had happened so many years ago, and subsequently warned her to avoid that place.

And till this day she still avoids the Yellow Tower at night, no matter how whiny her boyfriend got.


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