The way you brush your teeth actually reveals something about yourself

Brushing your teeth is an important part of keeping those pearly whites shiny and healthy, but it is often something that we don’t pay too much attention to.

Considering how much time is actually spent brushing each day, it’s surprising that we don’t look at our brushing habits very closely.

But what’s even more surprising is just how much could be revealed about us by the way we brush!

The Rushed BrusherThe-Rushed-BrusherIf you are the Rushed Brusher, you are someone who is in a real hurry when brushing your teeth. You try to get the job done as quickly as possible – it’s a true “get in and get out” kind of process.

If this technique describes you, that means you have little patience for unimportant or menial tasks. You are a big-picture thinker. You have big plans and you have a strong personality. As a person who likes to get things done, you prefer to delegate smaller, less important tasks to others.

You are a goal-oriented person with the drive to go very far in life.

The DaydreamerThe-DaydreamerIf you are the Daydreamer, you are the type of person who lets their mind wander while brushing. You may find that brushing takes a very long time or that you sometimes brush the same parts of your mouth over and over.

If you are this type of brusher, you are a person with a creative mind and a vivid imagination. You aren’t too concerned with deadlines, and you definitely aren’t in any rush. Your outside-the-box thinking helps you to come up with great ideas at work.

Your more laid-back personality makes you someone who friends enjoy spending time with.

The Symmetrical BrusherThe-Symmetrical-BrusherIf you are the Symmetrical Brusher, you probably don’t actually use two toothbrushes. But your brushing technique is very focused on hitting the same precise spots on both sides of your mouth.

Symmetry is quite appealing to someone like you, because you love things to be orderly and in their place. You don’t keep a sloppy home, and everything has its proper place. At work, you are known for being a methodical thinker with a smartly laid-out plan. In relationships, you get along best with those who aren’t too messy or disorganized.

Your orderly mind is one of your most admirable qualities.

The MultitaskerThe-MultitaskerIf you are the Multitasker, you like to do other things while you are brushing your teeth.

You are someone who works best when your brain is pulled in many different directions. You are very good at keeping track of many tasks at the same time, helping you to be a very effective worker. Just don’t forget to take time to smell the roses now and again.

Your fast mind and fast pace may keep you from enjoying the smaller things in life.

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The Messy BrusherThe-Messy-BrusherIf you are the Messy Brusher, you are generally covered in a mixture of foam, spit, water, and toothpaste when you are finished brushing your teeth.

You are a free spirit. One of your most admirable qualities is that you don’t get stressed out or bogged down. You prefer to lead a slightly more carefree and adventurous life than your friends and coworkers. You don’t like to follow strict rules, much preferring to go with the flow.

This ease and love of life makes you someone who friends and family love to be around. Sometimes you are the life of the party, but you are always a breath of fresh air.

The Aggressive BrusherThe-Aggressive-BrusherIf you are the Aggressive Brusher, you like to attack your teeth and gums with extreme speed and pressure.

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You are an action-driven person who prefers to get things done, no matter what the cost. While you don’t try to steamroll other people on purpose, sometimes they just don’t know when to get out of the way. You apply the same vigor to life that you do to brushing. You are good at being present in the moment, and you like to give every single moment your absolute all.

People may occasionally be taken aback by your aggressive nature, but they admire your ability to get things done.


The Electric BrusherThe-Electric-BrusherIf you are the Electric Brusher, you traded in your normal old toothbrush for one of the electric variety long ago.

You are a true example of modernity. You believe in using the latest technology and having the newest gadgets. You try to stay on the cutting edge when it comes to new ideas, and you apply this same forward-thinking to your fashion sense as well. Others admire your sense of style and your ability to spot the next cool thing.

Just remember that sometimes an old classic can be just as effective, so don’t get too swept up in always being ahead of the curve.

The Thorough BrusherThe-Thorough-BrusherIf you are the Thorough Brusher, you are meticulous about reaching every nook and cranny of your mouth before you stop brushing.

You truly believe that a job isn’t worth doing unless it is done well. You hold yourself to very high standards, both at work and in your relationships. Many people would even call you a perfectionist. Your relentless pursuit of perfection is highly admirable, but just make sure you are enjoying yourself along the way.


Perfect is great, but sometimes it can be fun to let your hair down and get a little messy.


The Infrequent BrusherThe-Infrequent-BrusherIf you are the Infrequent Brusher, you really do not enjoy brushing your teeth. In fact, you only do it when it becomes absolutely necessary.

Aside from the obvious negatives involved with not brushing your teeth (such as bad breath or an increase in cavities), your resistance to cultural norms can be quite a mixed bag. On the one hand, other people may be taken aback by your odd choices and your unwillingness to conform. But on the other hand, your individuality is truly admirable and can be an inspiration to others around you.

Just make sure to go in for a dental checkup before you let things go too long.


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