The way you laugh can describe the person you are so accurately it’s scary


Have you observed yourself when you laugh? Like really laugh, not fake laughs you do just to fit in with the crowd. Do you laugh loudly? Or maybe you’re more of the silent snigger-er?

Well, whatever you are, you’ll be surprised to know that the way you laugh can accurately describe your personality. Read on to find out about the different kind of laughs and what they say about their owners’ personality. Check for yours and let us know if it describes you accurately as well!

The loud, hearty laugh
You have a loud personality, and you don’t mind other people knowing about it. You’re a straightforward personality and you’re not afraid of others paying attention to you. People with a loud laugh are actually under pressure and gets lonely easily, but they’re very good at putting up strong fronts.

The silent laugh
You’re humble and passive, but you’re extremely high in self-esteem. You might not be good at expressing yourself and have a tendency to “internalise” your thoughts, but when you hit your limit, you can be pretty scary.

Gesture while laughing
Gestures can be taken to be clapping or slapping a hand on the thigh while you laugh. Your personality is filled with life, and you have that unique ability to interest people even when you’re talking about the most boring topic on earth.

People love hanging around you because you bring a certain zest to their lives. Just try to be more assertive as you have a tendency to be easily influenced by others and might be exploited by others.

Covering your mouth while laughing
You’re someone who’s street smart and careful with what you say or do to others. You don’t really trust easily but those you do trust, you’ll show them your true self.

A somewhat breathy laugh
You’re someone who’s easily nervous. You might appear as opinionated, a chatterbox and unique in a good way but you’re actually afraid of being disliked by others. You pretend to be at ease, but you’re actually anxious inside and you tend to take things a lot more seriously than others. So, now that you know the 5 types of laughter and what they say about your personality, which group do you belong to? avenue86-banner


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