There is a wine made with durian & it’s made in S’pore

More commonly known as the King Of Fruits, durians can be described as a combination of heaven and hell. Heaven in terms of the taste but hell in terms of the smell. Regardless of that smell, durian has commanded a legion of fans, who are all set to go on a durian frenzy mode anytime, especially whenever the durian season hits.

I know that durian season is over for this year but there is something interesting I want to mention. You see, during this year’s durian season, other than going on a durian-eating spree, a particular group of NUS students from the NUS Food Science and Technology Programme have come up with a whole new type of wine known as… ….Durian Wine.


Apparently, this team of NUS students, consisting of Christine Lee and Fransisca Taniasuri, with the assistance of Assistant Prof Liu Shao Quan, have been working extensively for three whole years and just in time for the durian season, they completed their work and announced the official creation of durian wine, which is 6% alcohol content, lower than those of standard wines.

I am not going to go into detail about the entire process because it will bore everyone to tears but in short, what these NUS students did was that used the traditional wine-making process, starting with durian puree before fermenting it for four weeks and ta-da! Durian wine was born!

Now some of you will be wondering if this wine would be deadly or not because everyone knows that durian and wine are not exactly the best of combinations. In fact, you could probably die from it. But these NUS students managed to find a way through the problem. You see, durian has a high sulphur content, so in normal scenarios, when you eat durian and then drink wine, the sulphur in the durian causes the body to be unable to process the wine, hence causing harm to the body. But according to these NUS students, because they included in the fermentation process, it actually sharply reduces the sulphur content of the durian, meaning that drinking the wine will not kill you at all.

According to these students, the wine has a “creamy and buttery” taste to it, so yea, it could be well-received, especially among durian lovers, tropical wine lovers or both.

There are many wines on this planet but durian wine is definitely the first of its kind and currently, this NUS student team are looking for potential opportunities to market this unique beverage since the market of tropical fruit wines are slowly but surely growing. So, unless they manage to find potential investors, don’t expect to find this type of wine on your supermarket shelves. But I am hoping for them to find one because I really want to try this wine out. I mean, since durian is known as the king of fruits, so could this one-of-a-kind durian wine be known as the king of wines?

I can’t wait to find out!


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