Always Wondering How To Expand Shoes? There’s Actually a ‘Best’ Time to Buy Your Shoes So They’ll Always Fit

If you’re the type to wonder how to expand shoes because you bought it in the wrong size, don’t fret because this article will tell you the “best” time to buy shoes so they’ll always fit.

Picture this: You’re randomly looking around while waiting for a friend in a shopping mall and you see a shoe shop.

Unable to resist the temptation of those sparkling sneakers that are waving for you to walk over, you unknowingly step into the shop. You pick a few pairs you like and you randomly try them on for a minute each. You then buy the pair you really like.

The next afternoon, you are preparing to go out and decide to wear the newest pair you just bought yesterday but you find out that they don’t really fit your feet as well as yesterday. In fact, they are a little tight on your feet and you feel really uncomfortable wearing them.

That’s how you end up wearing your usual pair of shoes and only wear this pair occasionally. Or just once.

Best Time To Buy Shoes So You Don’t Have To Wonder How To Expand It

In order to prevent such incidents where you waste both money and also a gorgeous pair of shoes, you should learn to shop for shoes at the right time of the day.

Be it sneakers, pumps or heels, the best timing of the day to shop for shoes is in the afternoon. This helps you to try on shoes more accurately and effectively, allowing you to buy just the perfect pair of shoes for yourself.

Our feet will swell in the day because of walking and standing. The largest our feet will expand to is in the afternoon. Thus, when a pair of shoes feel just nice in the morning, it can get too tight in the afternoon.

Don’t forget this little tip the next time you go shoe shopping, especially when it’s for an expensive pair that you plan to wear daily or at least wear for a long, long time.

On a side note, the actual best time to go shopping for shoes does not matter as long as it’s the sales season!

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