There’s a Tofu Alcoholic Drink & It’s Made in S’pore

Alcohol is my longest relationship I have ever had. I still remember my first sip, a cup of heady whiskey mixed with coke at the tender age of 18.


The rest was history.

I don’t see myself ending this passionate relationship anytime soon.


In fact, our relationship is reignited with the discovery of a tofu-based alcoholic drink.




Yes, the innocent looking tofu can be made into a tipple.

Researchers from NUS have developed the world’s first alcoholic drink using tofu whey, Business Insider reported.

How did it start

With every great invention, there is always a good backstory. Associate Professor Liu Shao Quan and PhD student Chua Jian Yong weren’t too happy with the by-product of tofu when manufactured—whey.

When whey is disposed as untreated waste, it adds to environmental pollution. The protein and soluble sugars in the whey contribute to oxygen depletion in waterways.

The process

The entire process takes about three weeks—soaking and grinding of soybeans which is then coagulated to form tofu.

Voila—you will get yourself tofu whey, though it is not easy on the eyes.

Image: Aqilah Allaudeen/Business Insider

Sugar and acid is then added into the whey before pasteurisation, followed by fermentation and storage.

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Okay…sorry for boring you with all the science that goes behind this amazing concoction.


What in the world is a Sachi?


Inspired by the popularity of Japanese culture in Singapore, researchers named the drink Sachi (which means bliss in Japanese) and not to mention that it has a sake-like profile.

How did it taste

It apparently tastes fruity and the flavour profile is along the lines of white wine and sake, according to visitors during a media invite.


And you know what’s the best part? It is healthy.

“It is the only alcoholic beverage that has isoflavones, which contribute to health benefits like bone health, heart health and cancer-prevention,” said Professor Liu.

There is still a lot to do

You won’t be expecting it to hit the stores or your favourite watering hole anytime soon as there it is still a work in progress.

They are looking for industry partners to supply them with tofu whey but it is a little tricky since most tofu manufacturers are halal-certified.

Currently Sachi’s shelf-life is four months when refrigerated but they are hoping to extend it to six to nine months under normal conditions.

They are very positive that it will all work out, I mean this isn’t impossible since they created an alcoholic drink from soybeans!

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