These 6 facts about our forever-pretty Cynthia Koh will gain more fans for her

Cynthia Koh, or Xu Mei Zhen, is a local actress who’s both skilled in her acting and has a pretty face plus hot body. Many of us have been watching her shows since young and have seen her transformation over the years. Not only does her acting impress us over and over again, her youthful appearance has been a mystery to us. Let’s reflect on her showbiz journey together.

You can’t believe she’s already 41 years old
Apart from her appearance which she does a really good job taking care of, she’s still the young lady acting in various roles ranging from good to evil. As such, the impression that’s left in our mind is the still the same Cynthia Koh we’ve been admiring since ages ago.

She debuted at the young age of 18
Even though she was still receiving training, Cynthia was already started acting in 1992.

She won the perfect curves award in Star Awards 2014
Despite being a veteran in the industry, she does not lose out to the young and upcoming starlets of tomorrow.

Cynthia is the one of the first Singaporean actresses to shave her head
More than a decade ago, she shaved her head without second thoughts even though she was still at a tender age where most ladies will never willingly chop off their hair. All I can say is that she is a really dedicated actress to performing her roles in the best way.

She delayed an operation in order to film
While filming the 2011 drama Show Hand, Cynthia was diagnosed by her doctor to have 2 blood cysts in her ovaries and could not be pregnant naturally. To make sure that filming was not interrupted, the actress first sought alternatives to surgery. She even filmed a super challenging suicide scene as the whole production team had not known about her condition. After the filming, she finally went through with the operation and has since recovered well.

She opened a restaurant with Michelle Chong
Just earlier this year, Cynthia started to venture in the F&B business with the opening of Mischief, which serves American street food, at the Esplanade. The food lover not only promotes her restaurant on social media, she even goes down to the shop to help sometimes. Try your luck to meet her in action!

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