These are the things that make mosquito bite you instead of your friends

Do you get bitten by mosquitoes often? Have you ever wondered why the damned mosquitoes just love to bite you while leaving the rest of your friends sleeping in peace?

It’s been a long running joke among your group of friends that if they were to go to chalets, they’ll invite you along; not because they love your company, but also because you can help keep the mosquitoes away from them.

If you have the unfortunate experience of being “loved” by mosquitoes, here’s a couple of reasons why you just can’t keep away from their advances no matter how much you try.

It could be your blood type
What’s your blood type? Are you an A, AB, B or O? According to a study published in the Journal of Medical Entomology, if your blood type is O, mosquitoes will be attracted to you by the swarm because your blood is like a Continental Hotel buffet to them. Yes, it’s just that good.

You drink more beer than anyone else in the group
If having you’re having problem controlling your beer intake, here’s one more reason for you to say no to that one “last” can of beer. In another study in the Journal of The American Mosquito Control Association, it was found that people who drank more beer than their counterparts tend to attract more attention from mosquitoes. So the more you drink (alcohol), the more you lose (blood).

You’re fat (or at least a size bigger than other people)
Sorry, there wasn’t any other way to say this. Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide, and the bigger you are, the more carbon dioxide you produce and the more they’re attracted to you. So if you don’t want to keep getting bitten by mosquitoes, find a fatter friend or work to slim down. Either that or slather on plentiful of SAF Insect Repellent.

It could just be the way you smell
No, we’re not talking about good or bad body smells, because scientists haven’t figured out which smell attracts mosquitoes and which repel them. So the myth that if a mosquito were to be attracted to you, it’s because you’re smelly isn’t true, at least not completely.

You have not showered after you exercised
When lactic acid build up in your muscles, it’ll be released from your body via your sweat and this will attract mosquitoes like bees to honey. Lactic acid has been found to be attractive to mosquitoes. No wonder we always get bitten in outfield. What with chiong sua and setting up pasha in the middle of the forest, we’re like a damn free-for-all buffet for these flying buggers.

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