Things we used to do in the 1990s


Last Updated on 2016-05-30 , 9:36 am

Ah, the 1990s was a great period. Sharp and long combs, No Fear T-shirt, Yoyo, centre-parting…those were the days before iPhone and Facbook took over what used to be fun. Do you remember doing any of these before?

Playing video games at shops for $4 per hour
Video game shops used to have one TV and a console at its shopfront. Now, we can’t even find a video game shop.

Hacking phone booths
There’s a secret code for you to make free calls. Really. And when I say code, I really meant a code.

We learnt leadership qualities from this command: “/msg q opme”

Rushing home to watch a 大结局
There’s always a 大结局. I don’t know why. And we cherish it more because it’s like soccer: you miss the timing, you miss the show.

Having meals together
Well, there is a big difference between having meals together in 2014 and 1994. You talk to different people. In 2014, you talk to your friends who are kilometres away. In 1994, you talk to your friends who are centimetres away.

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