Things you should do immediately when your smartphone drowns

We drop our phones all the time. On the floor, on the bed, on the way to somewhere, everywhere. But what should you do if you accidentally drop it into a pool of water?

Take it out immediately
The longer you leave the phone submerged, the higher the chance of you saying goodbye to your phone. This is due the greater likelihood of damage due to submersion. In the case of getting the phone wet not by submersion, you should just flick the water off the phone as much as possible. Swing your hands around, as it will help remove some water off the surface of your phone.

Remove the battery immediately to prevent short circuiting your phone as it will cause your phone to malfunction.

No heat to dry
Do not use heating methods such as sticking the phone into a microwave or using a hair dryer to dry the phone. It may lead to some parts in the phone being damaged, therefore definitely killing your phone. Just use compressed air, or wipe it as dry as possible.

No rice please
Many people believe that uncooked rice is the best method to drying your phone. Not true. Raw rice do absorb water, but it may turn mushy and stick to your phone, giving you more problems than a wet phone. Mushy rice are extremely hard to get out of cracks and crannies. You really don’t want to be face with such an issue. If you really have to, at least wrap a paper towel around the phone to prevent sticking, however, this may affect the dryness of the phone.

Desiccants are the little packets of beads that absorb moisture. These are the “do not eat” packets that you find in your packaged foods such as seaweed. These little things can be placed in a plastic bag with your phone so that it can thoroughly absorb all the moisture. Go collect your desiccant packets now as there has to be enough for them to start working. Remember the tight sealed bags as desiccants won’t work in normal air, where there are tons of water vapor.


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