This Ah-Beng-Turned-Good S’porean’s love story with a homely girl is just too heartbreaking

Sometimes, we receive stories that are so sad that we hesitate to rewrite them, because it might just make more readers cry. But heck, this might be one sad story, but the moral of the story is one that everyone should really learn.

Vincent (definitely not his real name, as he used an “ang mo” email) had been a typical Ah Beng—when he was young, he joined a small gang in Tampines and wanted to be its leader. Back then, a leader would usually be like 17 years old (small gang, yo), so that was Vincent’s life goal.

After he dropped out of school when he was secondary three, he got into more fights and was living on the fringe of the law. His greatest fear was not a punch but the sound of police sirens—but all that changed when he enlisted into NS.

NS changed him: he realized life could be better if he had just followed the rules of the laws instead of his own rules. He decided that he would study hard again and was doing his O-level while in NS.

During this period, he bumped into one of his ex-classmates, let’s call her Sally, who was going to university soon. Vincent had just asked jokingly, “Why not you teach me maths and physics and I’ll be your personal fitness instructor?” And to his surprise, Sally agreed.

With Vincent’s tight schedule, all he met during his NS life was his army mates and Sally. A few months later, Vincent started to have feelings for Sally and asked her to be his girlfriend.

Well, to Vincent, he knew Sally had interest in him. But Sally cheekily said, “If you score less than 15 points for your O-level, then I’m yours.”

During the next few months, they went out together once a while, but not officially as a couple. Eventually, when Vincent finished his NS and got his results of 12 points, Vincent thought that, that was it: he showed Sally his results and reached for her hands.

But Sally stepped back.

Soon, it was revealed that Sally had a boyfriend all along—she said that “If you score less than 15 points for your O-level, then I’m yours” to motivate Vincent. She told Vincent that he was actually a very smart person, and all he needed was some motivation.

And well, Vincent then sent us this story. Initially, he was angry, but soon, looking at his results, he decided that there was nothing much he could do about Sally, but a lot to do about his future.

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