This app allows you to play a 4D horror game with your HDB flat as the setting


Last Updated on 2016-07-05 , 2:25 pm

Imagine this: Playing a Resident Evil or Silent Hill right inside an HDB flat. No, let’s make it better: playing a horror game inside your HDB flat.

It’s not a fantasy. Long ago, we were all playing Pong on our television and we thought that was damn revolutionary, and technology couldn’t have gone any better.

Apparently not. Why explore a haunted house when you can explore your own “haunted” house?

To simplify, basically this game requires you to walk around your house first so that it would be able to map your house. Once done, the system will then plan where to place the scare (read: super-scary ghost). After that, simply walk around the house and use your phone as your eyes: you’ll see ghosts appearing at the least expected place. But we project you’ll definitely see one in your small toilet.

In addition to that, you will be having your earphones on. Now…that’s going to be insanely crazy. Even imagining it sends chills down our spine.

We would actually prefer to do it in our office since an office is usually much bigger than our HDB flat. And what better way to add in some entertainment in a stressful environment than having ghosts scaring you?


Unfortunately, this game is still in its development stage and is seeking funds. Aptly called Night Terrors, it has so far been funded about 50% of its target. Interested to fund it? Or interested to have your face as one of the ghosts? Just click here. If not, just wait…and be scared very soon.

Oh, horror movies are so yesterday.

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