This Counterstrike-styled Video about BMT Life is just too…AHHHHH


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:34 pm

Remember when you were a teenager, you would go to a lan shop, “play CS” and think that holding a rifle and running around shooting your enemies was just so darn cool? And remember the days when you were in NS, you thought that holding a rifle and shooting enemies were so hot (literally), tiring and boring? And wondering why in CS, the rifle never “IA”?

Jokes aside, this video by cyberpioneertv is done just too damn well. The realistic point of view from a recruit, with cut scenes of why we have to serve, hit the nerves of every Singaporean son: that the training is all worth it, despite how difficult and tiring it is.

While you might have self-interest thoughts like why you need to chiong while others just sleep at home, you might want to remember that NS is also a deterrence force: that, even if you don’t really go out to defend your country with your rifle and your buddy and you, your very existence of being in NS has helped keep preserve the peace in the country.

So, this SG50 and SAF50, whether you’ve once served the country, are serving the country or have contributed in any other ways, do remember that the 50 years of peace is due to what this recruit has done—the real Counterstrike in a jungle, not in De_dust.

Here’s the video:

Here’s why a 4-day workweek might finally really be possible in Singapore soon:

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