This Culture That Involves Torturing Animals Is Going To Make Your Blood Boil


The last we heard of Nepal was when news of the devastating earthquake that struck Kathmandu Valley in April of this year surfaced. However, it seems like Nepal is hitting the headlines once again but this time for a completely different reason.

Animal rights campaigners were outraged by the recently released of photos taken during a festival that happened in Nepal which involved torturing animals.

The 900-year long Deopokhari festival that took place in August in the village of Khokana, Kathmandy Valley, one of the oldest villages in the country, involved taking a 5 to 6-month old live baby goat, throwing it into the pond and later, ripped apart using teeth and hands and strangled by 9 young men.

The first man who successfully kills the goat will then receive the honour of leading the festival’s procession.

Animal Welfare Network Nepal (AWNN), a Nepalese organisation that has been rallying supporters for a campaign against the festival for years, finally managed to gather international backing from world renowned animal rights group, PETA which released a statement highlighting the “uniquely savage and disgusting” acts of sacrifice of the festival.

“There are few living beings as gentle and defenceless as baby goats, the victims of this barbarous act,” declared the UK director of PETA, Mimi Bekhechi. According to the president of the Animal Rights Club in Nepal, Surajan Shrestha, the ritual is an exceedingly long one as the baby goat continues to bleat and struggle for its life for a full 40 minutes before it finally succumbs to the pain and suffering.

Members of the public have started various online petitions on to protest against the festival.

One such petition already garnered approximately 53,000 signatures while the lesser known ones have an estimated number of 5,000 signatures each.


“The experience of the goat is excruciating.Every year in Nepal, animals are sacrificed in the name of religion or tradition, which is totally devilish, immoral, and mad,” said a Nepal national.

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