This girl used Coke as a shampoo. The results are mind-blowing…


Last Updated on 2017-05-21 , 12:43 pm

Believe it or not, there have been rumours that Coke could create texture and volume in your hair. While it might sound ridiculous, you might want to suspend your judgement while reading this.

Earlier this year, actress Suki Waterhouse, a supermodel in London as well, revealed the secret to her perfectly tousled hair that every girl desires for: washing her hair with Coca-Cola. Make no mistake—she’s referring to this Coca-Cola that we all know (and might have drunk a can earlier), not any new shampoo brand that bears the same name.


According to several people who have apparently really tried it out after this shocking news, it appears that it really does work. Check out this lady who shows the before and after effect.

While it might feel a little weird (and sugary, maybe), it seems like this could be the new sensation. We all know how good Coke tastes—now, there is evidence on how Coke could make girls beautiful.

The advice made by most people is to use at least two bottles or cans, as one would not suffice. There’s no need for it to be cold as well. Also, some swear by using it merely as a pre-shampoo lotion, while others use it solely as its shampoo.


If you really decide to try it, do tell us the results!

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