This guy was duped by his girlfriend for being poor, but there’s something more


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When we read Jimmy’s confession about how he was ditched due to him being poor, we don’t know whether to leave it as it is or simply publish his story. But let’s just say that since Jimmy would be reading this, here’s our take, and hopefully, our readers can provide some feedback as well.

Jimmy is a typical Malaysian executive who, after studying in an Australia university for a year, went back to Malaysia to work. The thing is, he did not complete his studies over there: with only an STPM (equivalent to A-level in Singapore), his starting pay wasn’t high.

He met his girlfriend while studying in Australia, and maintained a long-distance relationship with her for two years. When she came back to Malaysia, she got a high-paying job and was earning almost two times of what Jimmy earned.

That was when cracks surfaced: Jimmy started to believe that his girlfriend was looking down at him. When his girlfriend got an offer to work in the city (KL), he believed that if she ever left him for KL, she had really looked down at him.

And indeed, his girlfriend accepted the offer.

Jimmy then confronted his girlfriend, this time telling her that it was a choice between him or work. They knew they could easily maintain the relationship since it was just a three-hour drive from Johor to KL, and they’ve already had experience as a long-distance couple.


His girlfriend decided to “ditch” him for her job instead.

Since we’ve only received Jimmy’s side of the story, here’re some things that seemed to be missing: why had Jimmy stopped school in Australia? Why hadn’t he also looked for a job in KL as well, instead of setting the ultimatum for his girlfriend of choosing either him or her job?

Very often, we read stories online about girls giving up on good guys for money, but very often as well, the stories we hear are one-sided. Because of the Internet, it has made some girls look materialistic when they aren’t—and these stories have fuelled the stereotypical views that many girls look for rich partners.

So, what do you think?

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