This guy’s confession about being able to see ghost in his HDB flat is spooky as hell

We usually receive stories about relationships, or confessions about what they’ve done. However, for the first time, we received a story about a guy who claims to be able to see ghosts. While we can’t vouch the authenticity of his story, he seems sincere to share his story with us, after we published a few spooky stories online.

Nick Tan is currently a polytechnic student. He claims that since young, his parents have “opened” his third eye, primarily so that he would have good fortune in his future. He was told about this a few years ago, but has never seen anything spooky until last year (2015).

It happened when he moved into an HDB flat with his family in Hougang. It was a resale flat, and according to what he knew, there was nothing wrong with the flat—the price was okay, the location was great and everything looked fine.

Until one night, he heard a voice.

It sounded like a baby voice calling out to him—but he dismissed it as his imagination. It was late at night, and he had just finished his training in school, so he was quite sure that it was his fatigue that made the noise.

The second day, the voice came again. This time, he sat up straight, switched on the lights and saw nothing. Thinking that something was wrong with the air-conditioner, he got his parents to get someone to service the air-con the next day.

Everything was okay for the next few days. One weekend, after a late supper with his friends, he came back home at 3:00 a.m.—which, many have claimed, to be the “spookiest” time ever.

When he got into his room, he jumped back.

On his bed was an infant, but there was just something about it: it looked too small. Nick inched forward, thinking that it could just be a doll, but gasped when he realized something: it wasn’t a baby. Nor was it a doll.

It was a fetus.

He ran off to the living room, screaming. That night, no one was at home as his parents were overseas. After a few seconds, he went out of the house and stayed at his friend’s house.

The next morning, he went back to the house with a group of friends. This time, nothing was on the bed. Was it his imagination? When his parents came back, he got to know something.

The previous owners, a couple, were expecting their first child. However, the wife got into a miscarriage, and because of that, she could no longer bear a child. That was the reason why they had sold the flat to downgrade to a smaller flat.

Nothing happened after that. But to Nick, he believed that, that was the beginning of everything: that he would be able to see more.

What do you think? Could it be his imagination all along, or could he really see the supernatural?

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