This guy’s spooky encounter with a sleep paralysis in Bangkok is scary AF


Last Updated on 2016-11-26 , 11:31 am

It’s common to have a sleep paralysis, but when you’ve read what this guy experienced in Bangkok, you might want to think twice about sleep paralysis.

From what we know, this guy had gone to Bangkok for a countdown party with his girlfriend. When he checked into his hotel, he did the standard procedure of knocking on the door before opening it. The moment he opened it, he saw the bathroom door opening.

Shocked, he asked his girlfriend whether she saw it as well. She did, so they went to the receptionist and requested for a room change. Unfortunately, it was the last room available, so they had to make do with it.

Everything in the room was okay, so they thought it could just be the wind blowing once they opened the main door. After their countdown, they went back to the hotel at 1:00 a.m., tired from the activities.

The guy then experienced one of the weirdest sleep paralyses ever. He felt awake and could see a shadow, and was trying hard to relax. Then he felt something touching him on his left. He turned to look through the corner of his eyes, and saw that his girlfriend was sleeping soundly with a shadow beside her.

Shocked, he told himself that it was all merely sleep paralysis: that what he saw was also due to his imagination. The shadow was lingering around his girlfriend, who seemed to suddenly shiver.


He continued to relax…and finally, woke up the next morning.

As they checked out, he told his girlfriend about his experience that he strangely vividly remembered, since most of us won’t remember about our sleep paralysis experience. Her girlfriend’s face then turned green.

It turned out that during that night, she, too, experienced sleep paralysis. She felt someone touching her, and a shadow around her, hovering around, as if exploring her. It was the worst experience she has encountered, and she also thought that it was just a normal sleep paralysis.

But when they had the same experience, and thought of the bathroom door opening by itself, they knew it was more than just sleep paralysis.

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