This Instagram-Worthy Dessert Fest in S’pore Will Bring You 1,000 Likes

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so let me speak two thousand words first before I move on.

Convinced that this dessert fest is going to bring you 1,000 more followers in Instagram now? Here’s something even more convincing: these aren’t the only desserts that’ll make you swing your way to the dessert fest.

Over at The Seletar Mall, which is conveniently located next to Fernvale LRT Station, they’re having a food festival, aptly called Sugar Rush Fair, because you won’t just be feeding your Instagram account with beautiful images, but also feeding your sugar craving with delicious desserts that would make you go for seconds.

If you don’t believe me, let me show off the numbers to you: we published a video for the Sugar Rush Fair and within a few days, it received well over 330K views and 5.1K shares.

Pretty sure everyone is interested in the desserts and not in the host (Cassandra, if you’re reading this … then stop reading this, you’ve already makan-ed enough while we all just watched).

So, what can you expect there, and what’s new?

Ice Kachang Balls

I know the official name is Ice Ball, but who else except your grandparents would know that name? That’s why we give it a name that’s familiar to us all: Ice Kachang Balls.

The balls taste exactly like ice kachang, though consuming it is a different story altogether: as you have to hold it with your hands, your hand’s temperature will cause the ball to melt faster, so you’ll have to suck it fast.

At $2, with even “toppings” inside the ball, it’s a steal. The last I know, I saw one in Malaysia and it was going for RM10 – obviously selling memories instead of taste.

(P.S. I like how they put an image of an Ah Ma eating it at the stall. Kinda remind us that fifty years later, our grandchildren are going to put an image of us having everything salted egg yolk…)

Berry Gelato Rose

If you’re not fascinated by the name, then here’s what will fascinate you: it’s a smoothie made with real berries, and finished off with a bottle of Hoegaarden beer. The visual is appealing, but how does it taste?

Surprisingly, the combination of the sweet berries and the beer goes so well together that it feels like a beer that’s more on the fruity side. In fact, after I’m done with the beer, the smoothie itself no longer has that “punch”. Let’s just say that berries and Hoegaarden beer should really be a new cocktail. Or is there one already?

And by the way, this weekend would be slightly different: instead of just Hoegaarden beer, you can choose other brands like Corona!

Wicked Marshmallows

The queue for this is crazy and it’s for a good reason: firstly, all the marshmallows are handmade, and secondly, they would be roasted right in front of you. The flavours aren’t the typical ones you see in supermarkets (well, of course lah): there are unique flavours like Sea Salt Gula Melaka (OMG), Matcha (OMG!) and even Salted Egg (OMG!!).

Oh, and here’s a secret that we know after stalking the stall for days: this weekend (29 July 2017 and 30 July 2017), they’re going to have a new flavour that would make you cry out loud: Mao Shan Wang.

That means it’s a durian-flavoured marshmallow. OMG X 88 X !!!

Magic Potion Flower Tea

Here’s one that is for your Instagram video (or Instagram Story): this drink changes colour. Like, seriously.

And no, it doesn’t change its colours like how kopi-O (black) is changed into kopi (brown) when condensed milk is added.

Within the bottles aren’t any magical potion but flower tea that can turn from blue to pinkish purple after a unique flavour (you can choose the flavour, yo) is added in. In fact, I’ll go on to say that this could well be the drink that will bring you 999 followers! After all, who can resist magic?

Special-flavoured Muah Chee

We’re all used to the typical white muah chee, aren’t we? Now, imagine muah chee having their own unique flavours as well, such as bandung muah chee, ondeh-ondeh muah chee or even salted egg mauh chee.

To be honest, I don’t care much about the peanuts anymore.

And if you’re a real muah chee fan who also happens to be a hipster, there’s even a grilled muah chee stall at B1 in The Seletar Mall (Oki-Machi). This mall should rename itself as The Muah Chee Mall, no?

Fried Ice-cream

Here’s how this works: the “cream” is poured on a cold plate and mixed with ingredients to create a creamy and fresh ice-cream without the use of a freezer. You can call it stir-fried ice-cream or ice-pan ice-cream, but we prefer to call it fried ice-cream.

The last I’ve tried it, it was in a restaurant whereby I got to “stir-fry” it myself. I can’t seem to find any now until I see this! While I can’t stir-fry it myself, seeing the person did it completes my childhood memory as well.

The ice-cream is creamier and most importantly, it’s fresh. How fresh? Fresh from the pan – literally.

And their milo ice cream is so gao you think you’re eating milo dinosaur with every bite.

Cute Macarons

Need me to say more? I won’t even be touching on the taste. All I need to say is that each pack is at $3.90, and I’m wondering how many people actually eat them.

And if you’ve bought some last week, here’s one more reason to go back again: they’ve new designs, and it’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse!

And since you’re there, you can even take part in a few interesting game booths there and win some prizes!

Now, if you’re already tempted to go there, here’s a tip: have your dinner or lunch at the newly opened Saizeriya first, then prepare to queue for the desserts. Bet you didn’t know there’s a Saizeriya there now, eh?

Lest you’ve forgotten, The Seletar Mall is located next to Fernvale LRT Station.

And there are two hours free parking if you spend at least $30, limited to 300 shoppers per day. Seriously, why are you still at home?

This article was first published on and is written in collaboration with The Seletar Mall.