This is the “correct” allowance you should be getting from parents

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There is no hard or fast rule about how much allowance you should get from your parents. However, here are some guidelines to how much you should be getting. This amount differs due to various reasons.

Primary school
Generally, the average amount of allowance is about $20 a week. This amount is including CCA activities that require you to stay after school, recess and lunch. Some may also include the bus or train fare into this amount. It also depends on how expensive the school foods are.

Secondary School
A general amount to give the students is $50 a week. This amount is probably just enough for food in the school. Other activities such as CCA, going out with friends may cause this allowance to increase. Secondary school students will also need transport allowances and this may need to be included. Other activities that require you to eat dinner outside can also lead to a potential increase in this amount.

Polytechnic students
Poly students are given more freedom, and despite some of these students earning their own keep, there are still many that take allowance from parents. A general amount is about $350 a month. This may or may not include after school activities on top of meals. The transport fare for polytechnic students are also significantly more expensive than secondary school students or junior college students.

Junior College Students
A general amount is of about $250. Usually Junior College students are rarely active outside of school. It can be due to studies, projects, etc. However, most JC are not extremely convenient to travel to. Therefore it may not be convenient to hang out after school in malls to spend extravagant amounts on. This may differ from person to person, but the average JC students spend significantly less as compared to their poly counterparts. The transport fares are cheaper too.

This list is just a general guideline to how much pocket money you should be receiving from your parents. If the amount differs, there may be other reasons for the difference. As children, we should learn to appreciate our parents and not ask for more than what we need.

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