This Is The Correct Way To Wear Dress Shirts In S’pore

If you have ever taken the public transport in Singapore during morning peak hours, you would have realised that many men in our little red dot have no idea how to dress themselves up – yes, even to work.

Sure, you can blame it on the fact that nobody cares about how they look like this early in the morning or that you don’t give two hoots about fashion but the truth is that by dressing better, people will tend to take you more seriously and have the impression that you are a hardworker. Forget dress shirts that are two sizes too big or pants that graze the floor when you walk, check out these tips to find how what is the correct way to wear dress shirts.

You have an important meeting coming up and don’t know what to wear to impress your boss? No worries! Just put on a white or light blue shirt if you aren’t the adventurous sort or a light red, pink, or purple shirt if you want your personality to shine through the way you dress. Avoid colours like black or navy blue since they can look too casual, depending on how you style it.

If you wish, you can also play with the prints if you are bored of wearing solid coloured dress shirts. Go for subtle prints and patterns instead of big, bold ones (e.g. pinstripes, checks, tartan) unless you work in the creative industry. Dress shirts need not always be made of a polyester and cotton blend, you could choose one that has an interesting texture to spice your outfit up. However, for extremely formal occasions, it is still best to wear a fitted white shirt. It exudes a sense of formality and it is the top choice for such events.

Here’s where you can inject more life and colour into your outfits. You can choose to wear more adventurous colours, like bright orange, purple, red, and even navy here without risking looking like a clown at work. But of course, such colourful shirts should always be toned down a little by wearing a jacket or blazer in one solid muted colour. People looking to wear prints can also wear them during such casual occasions.

Go wild and wear checks, tartan, or patterns with high contrasting colours. Again, such prints should never be paired with brightly coloured or patterned ties and/or pants unless you wish to look like a clown. If you are not sure if the colour of your shirt goes with your jacket or pants, put them side by side and see if they belong to the same colour family. As a heads up, warm colours include, red, orange, yellow, green while cool colours include blue, purple, and pink. Time to go shopping, guys!

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