This is the mother of all Ah Beng songs


Last Updated on 2017-05-27 , 5:10 pm

The young punks and gangsters of the 90s will know of the many chants and cheers Ah Bengs used to mouth off spontaneously. The film industry, especially that of Hong Kong, has also brought to us familiar tunes associated with secret society and gang movies; the Young and Dangerous series starring Ekin Cheng is probably the most well-known of them all.

Yet, none of these soundbites can compare to this local composition by our very own Jack Neo, performed by his protégé, Mark Lee.

Nothing beats the quintessential Singapore Ah Beng in action, crooning away with his trademark Singaporean slang.

Even the cheesy backdrop and awful dancers can’t take the swag away from this song. For those who don’t understand Hokkien, which unfortunately might be most of you because of the government’s systematic cultural genocide of Chinese dialects for the past few decades, this is not a song about murder and plunder.

Expressing the full range of emotion from youthful defiance and unwavering loyalty towards your brothers in arms to the inevitable tragic end that meets all gang members who never see the folly of their ways, the song is a stark reminder to gangster wannabes from the perspective of an old-timer who has seen the light.


Rock on fellas, rock on, and remember the good old times. The song is actually available at most KTV studios, and has a much more tastefully done MTV.

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