This McDonald’s has a cashier who has made netizens crazy


The picture speaks a thousand words, doesn’t it?

If not, here’s the context. A Chinese Taiwan blogger called Raindog posted a picture-filled post of this cashier in his blog, but have the text merely talking about his Samsung S6.

However, any guy seeing the post would most likely not care about the S6—and as expected, people started to go apeshit over the cashier, requesting the outlet location and whatnot.

After all, you don’t see a doll-like cashier in McDonald’s regularly.

This-McDonalds-has-a-cashie Eventually, she was “found”: called徐薇涵, she is also a freelance model. She even has a Facebook Page with over 160,000 Likes here:  .

No one is surprised, though. It seems like recently, as long as you’re good-looking and works in an environment that should be stereotypically filled with middle-aged workers, you’ll become an online superstar.

Remember the Taiwan dumpling girl and Malaysia durian guy? Yeah, so now, add a Taiwan McDonald’s girl.

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