This NTU girl who dated a good-for-nothing guy thought she could change him, but…


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Very often, we receive emails from readers who said that they were either rejected by girls simply because they were not handsome or rich enough, or who were duped by their girlfriends for the same reason.

What they didn’t realize that more often, there’re many girls who are just like Linda, an NTU undergraduate who will be graduating this year.

Linda has been with her boyfriend for five years—they were polytechnic classmates and after they graduated, Linda went to NTU while her boyfriend (who was not named but let’s call him Billy) went NS.

Billy apparently had good polytechnic results and had secured a place in NUS.

When he was in NS, Linda and he were a couple that made others envious: everyone was waiting for them to get married.

And for some reason, after Billy finished his NS and was in the first semester in NUS, he suddenly became another person. Whether it was due to bad influence or simply a change, Billy lost his interest in studying.


He quit school halfway, and spent his days gaming and watching soccer matches at home. Without a stable income, he had to survive on the allowance that his parents gave him.

When Linda tried to persuade him to work, he would get defensive and told her that no one wanted to employ him—when Linda knew that he was just being lazy.

Any girl would have given up on Billy—but Linda persisted. She knew she could change him—well, at least that was what she initially thought.

A few months later, Billy’s parents stopped giving him allowance. Linda saw that Billy still did not go look for jobs: instead, he stayed home every day, and during dates, Linda would be the one paying.


Later, Linda found out the reason on why Billy had changed into someone she didn’t know: he had been gambling.

His then university classmates had introduced him to soccer betting, and for the last year or so, he had been hoping to strike it big—by winning.

That was when he managed to survive even with a measly allowance. But now, he had lost everything. Linda thought that without a single cent in his wallet, he would turn over a new leaf.

He borrowed $3,000 from Linda, hoping that he would spend the next two months looking for job while using that $3,000 as his daily expenses.

Linda lent him the money, and soon, realized he had spent it within two days—on two soccer matches.

That was when Linda realized she could no longer change him.

When she wrote us the email, she did not mention whether she had broken up with him or not—however, she was adamant that now, whatever she do would be useless, because Billy was never going to change.

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