This Punggol ghost story is going to keep you awake at night

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Punggol have a reputation of being another haunted place in Singapore where quite a number of hauntings happen there. But there was one particularly creepy haunting that occurred in a certain HDB flat in Punggol which I feel I should share. To protect the person involved, the HDB block number and person’s name is fictitious but if you really want to know where, then let me just say that this incident took place in one of the HDB flats in Punggol Drive. Here’s the story:

Jeremy had a pretty tough job. Though it was well-paying, it required him to work long hours and often do OT and taking into account travelling time, he reach home at nearly 12am almost every day. But on one particular day, as usual, Jeremy was getting off from work. He walked to Blk 673 and took the lift to the 7th floor. When he stepped out, he saw something that usually was not there.

Sitting on the steps was a little boy. He looked around 8 years old with a grimy face and messy tousled hair. It could be some kid from another storey, Jeremy thought and continued back home. Frankly, he was too tired to care.

The next day, Tuesday, Jeremy went on with his daily routine as like any normal day: Wake up, work, go home. When he stepped out of the house in the morning; the boy was gone. But when he returned at night, they boy was there again.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday followed and the little boy continued to disappear in the morning and reappear at night in the same place with the same grimy face and messy hair. Finally, on Friday night, Jeremy could not hide his curiosity anymore and decided to approach the kid.

“Hey kid, what are you doing here?”

The kid stared up at him with sad eyes.

“My mummy is missing. “

“Which floor do you live in?”

“ I don’t know.”

No matter how much Jeremy thought, he cannot think of any neighbour with this kid for a son.

Jeremy cleared his throat.

“Okay, kid? What is your name?”

“Xiao Qiang”

Okay Xiao Qiang? When was the last time you saw your mummy?”

“She was taken by Japanese soldiers”


Jeremy froze. That was like in the 1940s. That was when he started feeling a bit uncomfortable.

“Where do you stay, Xiao Qiang?”

“Lim Chu Kang”

“Do you know which part?”

“The cemetery part”

And the little kid smiled. And blood started dribbling from his mouth and eyes.

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“Can you help find my mummy?”

But Jeremy wasn’t there to reply. He was busy running away. As fast as he can back home.

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