This scary dream that occurred on 12:07 am is going to make you panic when you clock strikes 12:07am


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There are many ghost stories revolving around everyday objects such as tables, chairs etc., but not so much about timing. There are certain timings that make you come into encounter with supernatural forces that are either benign or malignant, depending on your luck.

This is a story of a guy who had an encounter with the supernatural due to this particular time during the 7th a few years back. If I were you, I will avoid reading this before you sleep.

You have been warned!

“Wahhh. So tiring” Shawn flopped down on the sofa. He was absolutely pooped after his extremely busy day at work. Reluctantly, he dragged himself from the sofa and headed for a bubble bath before having his beauty sleep.

Shawn used to live with parents but they already died and he was not married with no kids, so the house only housed him alone. Whistling as he made himself a nice hot cup of tea after his cold bubble bath, he headed to his room.

“Click” Shawn flipped the light switch off and leapt onto his bed. He could not resist the comfort of his duvet and the softness of his pillow and mattress and happily drifted off.


“Creeeeak”. “Thump. Thump. Thump.” Being a light sleeper, Shawn stirred and flipped to his side. Some idiot is walking around in his room.

But he is the only one in this house.

Shawn turned back on his stomach. And saw a woman in a red dress with hair all over her scarred face and ridiculously long nails, which she shoved into his chest. Shawn’s eyes jerked wide and he tried screaming. It was silent. The last thing he was before his mind went black was the clock. It was 12:07am.

“ARRRGH” Shawn sat bolt upright. He surveyed his surroundings. There was no one else. He grabbed his chest. There were no fingernail stab marks. Shawn let out a sigh. What a nightmare that was. He stared at his clock. It was 12:06. Shawn ran a hand over his hair and prepared to lie down.


Shawn froze. And looked at the door.

And saw a rotting hand with extremely long fingernails.

And the clock showed 12:07am…


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