This Scary Story of Har Paw Villa Will Make You Think Twice About Going There

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Ghost stories circulating around the Net about Har Paw Villa isn’t an uncommon thing anymore. Try searching for Singapore ghost stories online and the chances are that Har Paw Villa will be listed as one of the most haunted places in the country. Even though most people know of the rundown theme park and popular attraction to be haunted, they have no idea what exactly transpired there.

So what exactly happened in that place?

Rumour has it that when the park was newly built by Burmese-Chinese brothers Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par, the founders of the famous Tiger Balm, a witch doctor or bomoh to some used to sneak into the park late at night in order to communicate with the paranormal world.

The park was quiet and away from the hustle and bustle of the city which made it perfect for the witch doctor to conduct his prayers and rituals. He was known to be powerful and highly magical and thus, through the word of mouth, became increasingly popular among his clients who would often request for love potions or a winning number for the upcoming 4D or Toto draw.

In order to grant these people’s wishes, the bomoh had to request for aid from spirits and ghouls which often remained in the park even after he was done making use of them.

Not sure where else to go, the spirits took to possessing the statues and various attractions scattered around the park, especially in the Ten Courts of Hell attraction which depicts the torture and punishment one is forced to go through after a sinful life in extreme detail. Perhaps the spirits were attracted to it due to the similarities the attraction had with the actual place they belonged.

As the park was taken charge of by the Singapore government and met with financial difficulties due to a drop in visitors, the scarier-looking, possessed statues and displays were taken down in an attempt to revitalise it protect the visitors. But evidently, it did not work out and Har Paw Villa was forced to provide free entry to its visitors in the end.

Several decades later, security guards were hired to tend to the premises and to prevent thrill-seeking teenagers and young adults from trespassing. The guards frequently complained of blood-curdling screams and wails coming from the park, particularly the Ten Courts of Hell attraction and the dumping site where the possessed displays were discarded.

In an attempt to appease the spirits, the security guards often spent part of their paychecks to purchase offerings for them but nothing seemed to stop these screams… even till today.

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