This scary true ghost story about a possessed S’pore student will wet your pants…


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One group of students were feeling bored on the last night of a CCA camp in school. They decided to explore the school after lights out secretly. They had fun at first…

“Eh, where is Jia Qi?” a voice suddenly burst out amidst the chit-chat. Silence fell upon the group of AVA campers. Without any prompting, everyone turned their heads around at the same time, trying to spot the girl who went away from the group. Not even a shadow can be spotted.

The rest of the girls started panicking. One boy tried to calm them down and said, “Relax, maybe she just went to the toilet.” The girls held held hands and walked with a heavy heart towards the nearest toilet. They cautiously opened the door and checked every toilet cubicle but couldn’t find any trace of their missing friend. One of the girls started getting teary in the eyes. Even the boys spoke with trembling voices, “Let’s hurry and look for her.”

They were now afraid to split up into different groups and all of them raced around the school, from classrooms to toilets to the hall, praying that the missing girl will appear soon.

The group now strolled to the darkest building in the decades-old school where the art room, music room and D&T room were located. The girls who were holding hands could feel that their hands were wet with perspiration as they approached the D&T room. They were following behind the boys tightly. As they reached the D&T room, a boy saw a figure lying beside the door.

All of them a step backwards, not knowing whether to continue their steps. The boy who spotted the figure clenched his fist and moved forward. He took a good look before realising the female figure with her hair all let loose was their missing friend. He gestured for the rest of the group to help. They called her name over and over again, afraid that they might lose their friend. They started shaking her body, trying to awake her sense. Finally, her eyes started to open. She stared at them. An unknown gaze that didn’t belong to their friend. Her eyes shut again. The girls started to cry out her name. She opened her eyes again.


This time, it was their friend. She woke to a daze, not knowing what happened the entire. She swore that she didn’t leave the group when her friends questioned her. All she could recall was walking with her friends an hour ago. The night’s events left the group exhausted and they decided to return to the room for a sleep before asking any more.

The girls woke up in the morning to the moans of the missing friend. They went over to check on her. Her forehead was burning like fire. She moaned like a beast. The girls’ faces went white.

Worker’s Party just agree with PAP on something, but there’s another reason why they did that. Watch this to the end and you’ll understand:

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