This simple & free trick will remove eyebags and make you 10 years younger magically!

We all hate eye bags, don’t we? They make us look tired even when we’re not, and most importantly, it makes us older than our age.

You see, some of us, like one of our writers, claim to sleep more than ten hours a day yet aren’t just able to remove those damn eyebags.

Expensive off-the-shelf remedies just won’t work, so what now? Well, what if there’s a simple, free and damn quick way to remove them easily every single morning? You know, like an eraser erasing those eyebags away? Some people swear by natural remedies like tea bags or cucumbers, but that takes too long.

Here’s one simple solution (so simple, the instruction is just one sentence) to remove those stubborn eyebags: Splash your eyes with cold water for a minute.

While it seems illogical, unworkable and definitely too easy to be true, just try it and you’ll see the difference. You see, most of the time, the egg bags are caused by fluids retention under the eyes due to poor circulation of fluids, and it can be caused by all sorts of things, from lack of sleep to a poor diet.

What happens when you splash cold water on your eyes is that it’ll “correct” the circulation, and therefore removing the eyebags that shouldn’t have existed below your eyes in the first place. Some people feel more energised after a cold shower in the morning, and claim that the renewed energy has also helped to remove the eye bags.

Now you know it’s not about the shower, but about the cold water on their face!

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