This spectacular secret beach in Tuas is so hidden, you thought you’re in another country


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 5:00 pm

When we mention beaches in Singapore, what comes to your mind? East Coast Park beach, Pasir Ris beach, or even Sentosa? When we mention Tuas, what comes to your mind? Factories, factories and more factories? Or maybe for the guys: OCS or Pasir Laba Camp?

But what you didn’t know is that hidden deep inside Tuas, there’s a beach.


Yes, a beach. Tuas beach, if you’ll like to call it that, since it’s so unknown that it doesn’t even have an official name. In fact, it is so hidden that it was only mentioned in a news report in 2007, when someone alerted the media about his “discovery”.

Located in the farthest end of Tuas, along Tuas South Ave 4, it’s relatively near to the Tuas Checkpoint—just turn left instead of going into the checkpoint, and you’ll be close to the beach. You’ll have to walk about 300 to 500 m through a field to reach the coveted, unknown beach.

It’s a pretty small beach, so don’t expect anything except sand and water. You won’t see Malaysia or Indonesia at the horizon, but ports and ships. But what’s enticing is that it’s always empty—no people, no lights, no nothing.

In other words, yes, it’s the perfect, most romantic place to bring your partner. That is, if this article doesn’t go viral. So don’t share this. Just tell your partner and go enjoy your own private beach!


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