This S’pore restaurant offers a meal, free-flow drinks & ice-cream for less than $8

How does this sound: for just less than $8, you get to enjoy a meal in a restaurant, with free-flow drink and free-flow ice-cream?

If you would like to, you can even create a soft drink float. And it’s in a shopping mall as well. If you think about, it’s apparently cheaper than the food in the food court. And the servers do serve the food to you.

Spicy Chicken Set

Just in case you’re wondering whether there’s any “plus plus”, here’s the good news: There’re no service charge nor GST. Really, for just, say, $7.40, you get a full course meal of rice, fried dory fish, vegetables, soup and kimchi.

In addition, you’ll get the free-flow drink and ice-cream. If ice-cream isn’t your cup of tea, there’s free-flow frozen yogurt, too.

Dory fish

Okay, enough of the teaser: this restaurant is Just Acia, and if you’ve not heard of it, it’s common: they have only three outlets, in Dhoby Ghuat MRT Station, Sembawang Shopping Centre and Downtown East.

The restaurant chain focuses primarily in Asia food, so you can find both Korea and Japanese food, and even Singapore / Malaysia ones like curry potato samosa. It also offers spaghetti, fusing west with east by adding, say, Tom Yam to spaghetti.

100 point for creativity!

Herbal chicken Soup

But given the affordable price, how’s the food and service? We haven’t been to the one in Dhoby Ghuat or Downtown East, but we can be sure that in the Sembawang Shopping Centre outlet, even with the low price, the quality of the food isn’t compromised.

Each dish comes piping hot with enough quantity and tastes just as authentic as any restaurants you find in a shopping mall. The service has been excellent so far—despite it not charging service fee, your food will be brought to you.

The staff will even clear your plates when you’ve finished your meal, so that you can enjoy the free-flow ice-cream after all.

Well, because I’m there often, the staff even remembers me! Seriously speaking, if there’s one real affordable restaurant in Singapore, Just Acia deserves that title.

If you’re really hungry after seeing the images, check out what they offer here as well!

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