This S’porean exposes how much he spent per month on his girlfriend & it’s mind-blowing

When we receive this reader’s story, we’ve no idea whether to pity him or to think that he’s just being silly.

But thinking back, doesn’t one become silly when he or she is in love? No matter what, we hope his story would show you that love can be blind, but don’t make blind decisions during your relationship.

Zhi Wei is a twenty-seven-year-old executive who was once an ex-regular in the army. When he just signed on, he had enough money to buy a low-end car then (when cars weren’t outrageously expensive!), and lived a life many would envy.


However, he admitted that he was bad with girls—he had a group of close male friends, but seldom socialize with girls.

A year ago, when he started work as a civilian, drawing a pay that was relatively lower than what he drew in the army, he met a girl through work. Apparently, the girl made advances towards him—asking him out and wanting to get closer to him.

Initially, Zhi Wei was defensive: why would a girl, whom he believed to be out of his league, seemingly be interested in him? Or maybe she was just being friendly?

But deep in Zhi Wei, he thought of the best, and often went out with her. Initially, he had wanted to sell his car, but in order to impress the girl (he didn’t disclose her name), he did not do so. Given his income, it would be pretty difficult to pay for the car monthly, but he persisted, thinking that things would become better.

A few months later, Zhi Wei decided to confess his love. He did not have any expectations, but the girl accepted him, and they became a couple. Zhi Wen was taking home $2,300 a month, and having to pay over $1,000 per month for his car was tough. But he believed in giving the best for his new girlfriend (in fact, his first girlfriend), so he bit his teeth and continued with the car.

The thing is, he was so insecure that he started to spend more on his girlfriend: from gifts to expensive dinners. All he wanted was for his girlfriend to be happy—he always believed that giving the best meant spending the most.

Just a few months ago, he decided to check out how much he had spent on himself, and how much he spent on his girlfriend per month. About $1,000 was on his car, and about $1,000 was on dates with his girlfriend.


And all he was left for himself was $300—even he was surprised that he could have survived on that.

One day, he decided to tell his girlfriend about this, hoping that she would understand, so that they would spend less.

If you think we only share stories with sad endings, here’s the twist: her girlfriend was surprised as well, and wanted him to sell his car.

Nowadays, they ate in hawker centres instead of restaurants. The moral of his story is actually very simple: it was Zhi Wei’s insecure mindset that made him spend so much on his girlfriend, because, we quote his words, “…actually, I knew she wasn’t that kind of people, just that I scare of losing her.”


Go figure.

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