This Thai Commercial Will Make You Cry

Thailand has always been well-known for their advertisements – both for being touching and for being totally unrelated to the products they are marketing.

For example, let us look at the recent Thailand advertisement that went viral – it was about this storekeeper who keeps chasing a beggar who kept sleeping outside his store day in day out, yet every morning when he opens his business, he sees the same beggar lying there. Then came the whole touching story of him finding out how the beggar actually protected the store from vandals and thieves alike until one day, he was stabbed by two hooligans. At the end of the whole story, after you have bawled your eyes out, you will find yourself feeling bemused when you realize they were actually advertising for a CCTV system.

Well, let us show you that Thailand advertisements can not only be touching but incredibly funny as well.

Watch the video below of this one Thai commercial that will make you cry – cry tears from laughing too hard, that is. Can you guess what the advertisement is trying to advertise before the end of the commercial?


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