This wig that kills is going to make you cry

Anyone here wearing or possess a wig at your home? If yes, then you better not read this ghost story because you might end up throwing your wig away or getting it to be blessed by a priest. But if you still want to carry on, then I won’t stop you. But you have been warned.

Since young, Dawn is used to having short hair and she felt that long hair is damn annoying. They keep getting wound up on your face. Plus, they require lots of maintenance. Short hair is still better. Till she met Chee Wai. He was the love of her life and they had been in a relationship for nearly a year. They were very happy with each other and in love. It was them against the world. But there is one issue. For reasons unknown to her, Chee Wai’s wanted Dawn to get long hair because according to him, girls with long hair look prettier.

Dawn finally gave in and agreed to grow long hair But she decided to get a wig first in the meantime till her hair grew long. So, she went to Far East Plaza. And got a long hair wig. But the moment she bought one, she felt very uneasy, for some unknown reason.

She went home, hung the wig up and got about her own business and forgot about it for a while. Until at night, when she remembered the wig. And smiled to herself. Imagine the look on Chee Wai’s face tomorrow when they meet up and he sees her in a wig for the first time.

Dawn hung the wig back up on the clothes stand and hit the bed. But she could not sleep. She just kept tossing and turning and it was still midnight before she drifted off to an uneasy sleep.

“Sniff. Sniff” Something is tickling her nose. Dawn brushed a hand across. It was just some long hair.

Dawn did not have long hair.

She opened her eyes.

And saw her whole body covered by long hair! And they came from the wig! The hair was spreading across her entire body and was slowly engulfing her. It now reached her chest. Dawn struggled but was tied down by the hair. She opened her mouth but before she could make any sound, a torrent rushed into her mouth, muffling her screams.

It was slowly but surely covering her head. Dawn was in in a state of panic and fear. No matter how much she resisted, it was of no use. Her end was near.

The last thing Dawn saw was long black hair covering her entire head and nose, causing her to be unable to breathe. After a few seconds, due to lack of air, her vision began to blur and he consciousness fade away into nothingness.

The next morning, Dawn’s parents found her dead in her own room. There was no sign of murder or abuse. Her cause was simply asphyxiation, death due to lack of air into her lungs.

There was no hair covering her body.

The wig was gone.

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