Tiger Airways vs Scoot vs JetStar: which is better?


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 3:00 pm

If you love travelling, I’m sure you will always be on the lookout for the best travel deals that you can give you a bang for your buck. Tiger Airways, Scoot and JetStar are familiar names that are almost always in our consideration when book our air tickets. Still, among all the budget airlines which you can choose from, which is the one that offer the best deals? Read on to find out more about the airlines and the different perks that they offer!

Carry On Luggage
Tiger Airways:
2 pieces of carry on luggage with a combined weight of 10kg
Economy class – 1 piece of carry on luggage up to 7kg (plus 3kg allowance if a laptop is carried)
ScootBiz class – 2 pieces of carry on luggage with a combined weight of 15kg
Economy class – 1 piece of carry on luggage + 1 small personal item with a combined weight of 7kg.
Business class – 2 pieces of carry on luggage with a combined weight of 14kg.

Add on baggage
For add on baggage fees, each budget airline differs according to the country that you are travelling from. On a whole, we would stay that the excess baggage fees from Scoot are relatively cheaper than the other two airlines.

Promotional Dates
Tiger Airways: Every Thursday (Thursday Tiger Flash)
Scoot: Every Tuesday (Scoot Tuesday Morning Glory)
JetStar: Every Friday (Friday Fare Frenzy)

Credit Card Booking Fees
Tiger Airways – $18 credit card booking fee or $5 AXS booking fee for a return ticket
Scoot – $18 to $20 credit/debit card processing fee
JetStar – $16 credit card booking fee for return ticket, payment via 7-11 and SingPost is free

For a cheaper option, you can choose to pay via Singpost instead!


Airline that include taxes in their ticket prices
Tiger Airways – Exclude taxes from ticket prices
Scoot – Exclude taxes from ticket prices
JetStar – Include taxes in ticket prices

Seat Selector Fee
With regards to seat selection fees, each airline also differs based on the type of seats you prefer – Standard, Front, Super, Stretch, etc. However, comparing the 3 budget airlines, Tiger Airlines is the cheapest as they allow you to choose you standard seating with a fee from SGD 4 – 6, followed by JetStar with a fee of SGD 5 and Scoot with a fee of SGD 7.

So which do you think is better? Are there any points that we have missed out on?

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