Titus Low Appeared in an NSFW Video With Ms Puiyi That Left His Wife in Tears


Last year, you might not know who Titus Low is, but in the last few months, he’s probably appearing in  your newsfeed more often than the “Good Morning” messages from your uncle.

And now, the former OnlyFans content creator is involved in yet another saga with his wife—if it’s a saga, that is.

Titus Low Appeared in an NSFW Video With Ms Puiyi That Left His Wife in Tears

It all started with a TikTok video by Titus Low, whereby he posted himself drinking in a pub with the text, “When the drink starts tasting like doing something I’ll regret tomorrow.”

And as expected, something regrettable happened.

Before that, you’d need to know who Ms Puiyi is.

Ms Puiyi is a controversial influencer from Malaysia. She, too, has an OnlyFans account, and is known for her seductive photos—many of which have landed her into trouble.

For example, in April this year, she went to Vietnam and posted images of her in Vietnam’s national dress ao dai without any bottoms on the Hoai River in Hoi An, Vietnam, a Unesco heritage site and popular tourist destination.


She then removed the images and apologised publicly.

However, many would know her as the first Southeast Asian woman to be featured on the cover of Penthouse, a US adult magazine notorious for featuring fully nude models.

Yesterday (4 October), Ms Puiyi suddenly posted a short video of her with Titus, which looks like a preview of a movie you’d probably only watch when everyone in your house is sleeping.

In it, Ms Puiyi is leaning on Titus’ chest as Titus rubs her lips with his fingers.


It ended as fast as it started, but you’d probably know that it’s not going to end well.

Titus’ four-month pregnant wife, Cheryl Chin, then commented on the video, saying, “I guess this is content but there’s boundaries, no?”

That’s not all.

She then went on to post a no-context TikTok video, with her in tears with the caption, “Nobody in the world deserves to go through this even if it was all for content.”

All of a sudden, all the contents were removed: the Tiktok video by Ms Puiyi and Cheryl’s response video.

Everyone is Happy (Again)

A day later, all parties went online to explain what happened.

Titus uploaded a TikTok video, saying that he would like to clarify everything, but didn’t exactly clarify anything: instead, he just said that everything was settled privately, and he would like to apologise to his wife.

Ms Puiyi said almost the same thing, without the apology, of course. However, she added that she’s spoken to her management, and the video, which is supposed to be on YouTube, would not be uploaded.

Cheryl also responded on Instagram, saying in an Instagram Story that she was well aware of the video, and should not have responded publicly about the issue.

In other words, it’s just another Wednesday.


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