Top 5 Best Beers In Singapore That You Shouldn’t Miss


Last Updated on 2020-02-17 , 3:39 pm

There’s no better way to unwind at the end of a tough week than with a good pint of beer, be it at home, in a pub or at a restaurant. These are some of the best beers in Singapore, with some being widely available in supermarkets and others requiring a little snooping around the bar/pub scene.

Stella Artois

Among the commercially available beers in supermarkets, Stella Artois is probably the best. Forget your Coronas or Carlsbergs and pick up a carton of these the next time your family or friends are holding a BBQ event. The smooth texture and lightly bitter finish means that it’s a good beer if you’re just starting to appreciate the drink.

Archipelago Bohemian Lager

Who says Tiger Beer is the only good beer that’s locally brewed? Archipelago’s Bohemian Lager will give it a run for its money. The brewery also produces three other beers with varying alcohol concentrations but do keep an eye out for their Limited Edition brews. From a yuzu-infused beer in 2012 to this year’s Red Oktober, it’s worth visiting the bar or pub just to try a pint of whatever they’ll create next.

Monster Green Lager @ Red Dot Brewhouse

No, this isn’t beer that’s gone bad. Its green colour stems from the spirulina used in the brewing process. It definitely tastes better than it looks and goes great with a meal that’s on the salty side due to its sweetness. The menu even claims that because of the spirulina used, the beer is healthy for you. That’s a good excuse for getting drunk, if there ever was one.

Wells Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale

Brewers have managed to throw any and every flavour into beer these days and toffee pudding happens to be one of them. This is a fun beer to start the evening with due to it being cloyingly sweet. You might even want to skip dessert during lunch or dinner and crack open a bottle of this ale.

Erdinger Weissbier

What’s a “best beer in Singapore” list without a German one on it? Erdinger’s Weissbier is a staple in German pubs and bars locally and with good reason. A refreshing and light beer, it’s a great counterpart to its richer cousin, the Dunkelbier. Do try both when you’re out drinking.


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