Top 5 Best Gyms For You To Sweat It All Out In Singapore

As much as we all hate it, most of the time, exercising is exactly what the doctor ordered. I’m sure we all know that exercising boasts a whole gamut of benefits – from health to even your physical appearance. Upon saying all that, exercising need not be a boring affair.

If you’re on the lookout for a gymnasium near you (no we are not talking about Pokemon gyms!!!), here’s a handy list of some of the best gyms in Singapore that might actually make the dreary affair of sweating it out that much sweeter. And as much as you would love it to be so, traversing all of Singapore and claiming the various Pokemon gymnasium for your team is not considered proper exercise! These gyms, however, are the next best thing!

1) For The Light Spenders – ActiveSG

ActiveSG Gym

Let’s face it. If you’re aren’t already a gym member, chances are that paying to exercise isn’t exactly high on your to-do list. To help lighten the financial burden, ActiveSG gym memberships prices are among the lowest in Singapore, going as low as $15 for a one month non-peak membership. Stocked with all the basic yet essential equipment and machinery, this is a no-frills gym perfect for everyone.

2) For Round-The-Clock Fitness – Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness

Exactly as its name suggest, you can pop by this gym at any time of the day (or night). You’re no longer bounded by the time of day when looking to engage in your workouts and also now you most definitely cannot use the excuse of having to work late now to escape it. With so many outlets littered all around the island, you can now kick start your workout anytime and any day.

3) For The Busy Bees – Ritual Gym

Ritual Gym
Image: Ritual Gym/ Facebook

20 minutes is all you need for a high-intensity workout over at Ritual gym. Coupled with small class sizes to maximize attention to those in attendance, you’ll be guided and pushed into reaching your heights of physical limits as you maximise each session to the fullest with the high-intensity weight training. None of the complicated and menacing looking machines are at play here. Ritual Gym sticks to the good ol’ mix of dumbbells and kettlebells to push your body hard into achieving peak strength and muscle resilience.

4) For An Unconventional Workout – 7Cycle


Think dim lights, pulsating beats and party lights dancing around. Sounds like a scene from a party? Well not quite, unless you consider working out a sweat a party. 7Cycle is a boutique gym that has participants on their studio bikes engaging in a full body cardio workout. The addictive beats from the music and psychedelic lights help fuel your drive and adds to a whole new exercise experience that is like no other.

5) For A High-Yech Workout – Power Lounge

Power Lounge
Image: PowerLounge / Facebook

In Power Lounge, several Ipads are strewn across the gym but they aren’t for you to slack off and play with – these machines actually utilise Electo Muscular Stimulation (EMS) technology (the transmission electrical currents through your body and muscles) to help bolster the results of your exercise. Claiming to be the first in Southeast Asia, the EMS current can help stimulate deep muscle tissues to activate your body’s muscle fibers, making it 18 times more effective than regular weight training.

If you’re really serious about keeping yourself in tip-top shape, it is best you consider these choices. We only have one body and it should be taken care of in the best way possible. But if you’re want something a little bit closer to home, you can always head on over to Lazada. It is there you can find some great deals on gym equipment to build your very own home gym and with cash back to boot – the ultimate in convenience!

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