Top 5 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get The Job

While you might have a professional CV, the best industry knowledge, experience and skill sets for the job role, but you still miss the mark in being chosen for the job of your dreams or creating a remarkable impression on the minds of your employer, here are top 5 reasons why you missed bagging the job offer.

Your CV Just Missed the Mark

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Of the shortlisted applications by a prospective employer, your CV just missed grabbing and retaining the hiring manager’s attention to call you for a job interview. This can be one of the cases, wherein your CV is not tailored for the particular job, wherein your skills, experiences and qualifications are not positioned effectively to meet requirements of the job role.

In case you are targeting different positions, you should have different CVs for different job type, each customised to meet unique industry requirements.

Lack of a cover letter

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A cover letter is a must accompaniment with your resume. Never send across resume to a prospective employer without a cover letter.

A cover letter should communicate in a precise manner your value addition to the company if chosen, reasons for seeking opportunity, highlight your unique skill sets, and convey enthusiasm to work for the specific company.

A resume without a cover letter customised to meet the job role lacks a personal touch and hence is one among the more common reasons, why you didn’t get an expected call for an interview from a prospective employer.

Unprepared for the interview

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If you’re unprepared for the interview, it reflects right from the beginning of the conversation with your interviewer. Poor preparation includes slovenliness to research about the company and stay abreast of the industry happenings, lack of sufficient knowledge on processes and workings in your area of expertise and to meet standards of claim mentioned in the CV.

Also not possessing careful understanding on the job demands and answers to some common questions can leave a terrible impression in the minds of the interviewer to not follow-up further or consider your candidature for a suitable hire after the preliminary interview round.

Unprofessional attire for an interview

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The way you dress for an interview to secure the job of your dreams or the job role of your choice to help you gain significant industry exposure makes a lot of difference if you are selected or not. First impression matters and this fact can seldom be ignored when it comes to leaving an indelible impression on the minds of the employer during a job interview.

Do not sport a casual or semi-casual look for an interview, even if you have heard about relaxed dressing norms of the company. When appearing for interviews, it’s always in your best interest to go formal with crisp, clean business look. Women in particular should avoid body-hugging clothes, tight pants, loud colours, excess make-up and heavy accessories for an interview.

Poor reference checks and lack of clarity regards value addition to the company

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When you provide a prospective employer, the names of references you should be sure about the professional opinion of your references such as to expect no unpleasant surprises at the end of it all.

Many successful job applications, despite being considered and chosen unexpectedly come to a stage of halt due to bad references. If possible, get references in writing such that you are well aware of the feedback before sharing it with your next employer.

It is also important to have clear ideas on value contributions and additions that you can bring to the company if you are chosen for the job role. Many candidates have little understanding of the company specific job requirements and hence are unable to convince the employer on why they are the most suitable hire for the job.

Always imagine yourself as you already have the job and confidence exudes on how you can excel in your performance, providing sneak peak into past experiences on a different job role to meet employer expectations and industry quality standards.

These crucial and quintessential tips if followed carefully should help you secure the most coveted position in the best company of your choice.

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